* Four Town Fair Cattle Committee will be collecting and/or checking all health certificates of each animal entered. All Connecticut Fair Livestock and Show Regulations will be enforced with no exceptions. *

1.   PLEASE READ the Connecticut Fairs Livestock and Show Regulations - (located below).
2.   No cattle dealer may compete.
3.   Where there is no competition the judge reserves the right to award the premium according to the merit of the animal.
4.   Owners and/or exhibitors are responsible for any and all damages to persons or any property their animals or themselves may inflict. Owners and/or exhibitors will be solely responsible for the behavior of their animals on all Four Town Fair property.
5.   No bulls over the age of 4 months may be shown (age as of September 1).
6.   Cattle to be shown Friday will be allowed in the barn THURSDAY after 2 pm. Cattle to be shown Saturday will be allowed in the barn Thursday afternoon and FRIDAY after 10 am (cows in milk to be in SATURDAY by 9 am and must be okayed by a superintendent). Beef to be shown Friday should be brought on THURSDAY after 2 pm. Beef to be shown Sunday should be in THURSDAY after 2 pm or FRIDAY after 10 am. Any questions regarding arrivals should be brought to the attention of the superintendents.
8.   Exhibitors must forward a list of their entries to the Fair Secretary no later than 10 days before the fair. Barn space is limited so entries will be on a first come, first serve basis. The Fair Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries per exhibitor.
9.   Anyone leaving with their exhibited animals before 6:00 pm Sunday the previous year will be allowed barn space at the discretion of the Fair Committee and the Livestock Superintendents.
10.   Cattle entries MUST use the "Cattle Entry Form" downloaded from this website or found in the Premium Book.
11.   All clubs are requested to send their entries in together. Clubs should contact one of the superintendents prior to coming to the fair to avoid duplicate entries.
12.   If two people are showing the same animal send entries in together and note as such.
13.   Copies of health papers should be forwarded with entries. Please note STEERS: Confirmation of castration to be checked by veterinarian and noted in health papers.
14.   Entry into the Junior Show will be limited to those who are 18 years and under. ANYONE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE CANNOT SHOW FOR EXHIBITORS IN THE JUNIOR SHOW. Failure to follow these rules could result in forfeiture of premiums.
15.   All cattle shown by Junior Exhibitors must be owned or leased by the exhibitor. Lease and/or REGISTRATION papers may be requested.
16.   Exhibitors' tickets are $10.00, and may be purchased from the Secretary at the time of entry and entitles holder to admission to the Fair for all four days. Children under 12 are FREE.
17.   Please read all Rules & Regulations (found at the bottom of the "Contact" page OR in the "General Information" section of the Premium Book).
18.   All exhibitors must clean their bedded area including interior and exterior aisles before leaving the fairgrounds on Sunday. Bedded areas will be inspected and must be kept raked up at all times. Failure to clean bedded area Sunday night could result in forfeiture of all premiums.
19.   Exhibitors may start to clean bedded areas at 6:00 pm Sunday. No animals will be able to leave the fairgrounds before 6:00 pm Sunday. If there is a health problem with any animals please contact your superintendent.
20.   All hoses hooked up to Four Town Fair water lines must have non-leaking pistol grip nozzles on them.
21.   Due to the Rabies epidemic, we will have to follow strict guidelines on all cattle. Please bear with us and help make this a fun year for all.
22.   Initial bedding is supplied. There is a limit of one (1) bale per animal (ring).

Connecticut Fair Livestock & Show Regulations -

1.  Health certificates signed by an accredited veterinarian and other required testing will be valid for the entire show season.
2.  All animals and poultry entered at fairs and shows must be in good health and in proper physical condition and will be examined at the exhibition by the barn superintendent. Evidence of poor condition or infectious or contagious disease or failure to produce the necessary documents for health certificaion, vaccination or testing will result in ejection. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture Livestock Inspector's decision is final.
3.  Health charts and proof of vaccination where applicable are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
4.  Each barn superintendent will collect and hold the Health Certificates from each exhibitor. Animals not in compliance with the state regulations for shows and fairs will not be allowed. A complete list, containing the name of the exhibitor, address, animal ID (ear tag, tattoo, leg band), breed and age of each animal, and the total head count will be made available to the State Livestock Inspector and forwarded to the Connecticut Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Regulation & Inspection by the fair superintendent. All animals and poultry present on the grounds should be identified on this list. Any animal that is rejected should be noted as such with a brief statement of reason. Rejected animals or poultry should be removed from the grounds as soon as possible. Any concerns about the health of any animal or bird should be reported to the State Livestock Inspector or the Fair Veterinarian immediately.
5.  Isolate all exhibited animals and poultry upon their return to the farm from other animals and poultry for 3-4 weeks to reduce the risk of disease exposure and transmission. Call your local veterinarian if your animals or poultry become sick to help you with diagnosis and treatment.
6.  Contact the Bureau of Regulation and Inspection at (860)713-2504 if you have any questions.